Nokia Releases First Lumia 800 Smartphone Update

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Before its US launch, Nokia has issued fixes for the European release of its Windows-based Lumia 800

Nokia has begun its roll out of a series of updates to the Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 800.

According to a statement by the company, updates will be released in all the initial launch countries over the next two weeks, with a limited number of simultaneous downloads permitted.

Fixes en route

Downloaded through Microsoft Zune, the update promises to “deliver new features and performance enhancements including charging improvements to Lumia 800”.

Other features will include improvements to voicemail notifications, display switching in bright light and audio quality. Replying to mail for Microsoft Exchange 2003 users will also be improved

The company added that a further update is planned for early 2012 to deliver more improvements to the software.

Commenting on criticisms in its discussion board over the need for an update so soon, Nokia claims that certain problems only surfaced after the phone was made widely available, and it has worked quickly to resolve some of the more pressing issues such use has identified.

The Nokia Lumia 800 was launched in November this year, and was the first Nokia smartphone to run the Windows Phone operating system following the agreement of a strategic partnership between the Finish manufacturer and Microsoft in February

However the release of the phone has so far  failed to generate the marketshare Microsoft was hoping for, with the company lagging behind Apple’s iPhone , RIM’s BlackBerry and Google’s Android phones.

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