Quiz Of The Week: RIP Nokia

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Microsoft may have killed off the Nokia brand, but we’ll always have the memories

Microsoft’s decision to retire the Nokia brand in favour of ‘Lumia’ for its smartphones marked the end of the famous Finnish name’s long association with mobile phone manufacturing.

Nokia has been responsible for many of the industry’s most important handsets (as well as some of its most ambitious experiments) so it will be odd not seeing any devices adorned with the famous logo on the shop floor.

RIP Nokia

snakenokia3310It’s the end of an era and arguably the final phase in Nokia’s decline. It was once the biggest and most influential player in mobile phones, but the likes of Samsung and Apple ended the Finnish firm’s supremacy a long time ago.

It persisted with its own operating system while Android gained momentum and in the end, it was only a partnership with Microsoft that prevented its failure. A strategic partnership between the two eventually resulted in a £4.6 billion takeover of Nokia’s devices and services unit last year.

Nokia still exists, although only in the mobile network equipment, mapping and future technology markets – not mobile phones.

So let’s not mourn the demise of one of the most famous brands in mobile history, let’s celebrate it with our…

Nokia mobile phone quiz!

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