Nokia N8 Sees 15 Percent Price Slash

Nokia has cut the N8’s price by £64 to compete with its own C7

Nokia’s flagship smartphone N8 is now available for £365 after a hefty price cut.

The SIM-free device cost £429 when it first entered the UK. However, Nokia has recently chopped the price to £365 – £64 cheaper than its original price tag.

The significant price slash is reportedly a result of the competition between the N8 and Nokia’s own slim glass-and-stainless-steel C7, which is designed especially for social networking abilities.

According to Nokia Online, N8 models come for free with a 24-month subscription. Prices range from £25.53 per month with Vodafone and T-Mobile to £30.64 with O2. When purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis, the device costs £369.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s top range model is sold at a cheaper price at Tesco, which offers the handset for only £299.97 with free delivery. However, the device is locked on Tesco Mobile.

N8 boasts Symbian 3 OS

Nokia N8 has taken more pre-orders than any other Nokia smartphones to date, with nearly four million units shipped since its first launch four months ago, according to reports.

The model features a 3.5-inch capacitive multi-touch touch display, a 12-megapixel camera with HD video recording capability, Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound and an HDMI connection for connecting it to a television.

It runs the Symbian 3 OS – also called Symbian^3 or S^3. It is the latest version of the Symbian platform and boasts home screen improvements, next generation graphics, better data networking and a better entertainment experience.

“S^3 enables an unparalleled set of options for device creators and app developers to extend the usefulness of Symbian products and services and, in turn, enhance the lives of mobile consumers,” said Lee Williams, Executive Director of Symbian, calling it “an example of what is possible with the latest and greatest version of the Symbian platform”.