Nokia Brings Booklet 3G To The UK For £649


A netbook that is already expensive gets another £280 slapped on it, compared with the US price

Nokia has put its upmarket netbook on sale in the UK – but buyers won’t get it till after Christmas, and are paying 75 percent more for it than buyers in the US.

The Booklet 3G, announced in August is a high-specification notebook, but its price tag has been criticised. Originally expected to have a 575 euro price, the UK price will be particularly galling, since the device sells for $599 (£370) in the US.

Nokia’s entrance has been predicted to shake up the netbook market by some observers, but others say its high price shows a basic failure to understand the dynamics of the netbook market and will doom the product to failure. “Every PC maker has some sort of initiative in the smartphone space, Steve Brazier, chief executive of Canalys. “For smartphone makers to go the other way doesn’t make any sense,”

The netbook runs Windows 7, has a claimed 12 hour battery life and 3G connectivity.

Although the netbook won’t arrive till January, Nokia kindly offers to send a Christmas card to any cherished person who is having one as a gift.


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