Windows Phone-Powered Nokia 3310 Revamp Wins Tech April Fool Prize

Nokia 3310 PureView Windows Phone April Fools Spoof

Windows Phone on the cult Nokia brick, and the return of Microsoft Clippy head the most eccentric tech stories today

A revamp of the revered Nokia 3310 phone is our favourite tech April Fools spoof so far, with the prospect of an updated version of the famous brick running Windows Phone and boasting a 41-megapixel PureView an enticing one.

The new phone, which supposedly mimics the size, wight and durability of the cult classic handset, and includes the much-loved Snake II game… and was announced on a 1 April blog. On the same day, Samsung announced Fly-Fi (Wi-Fi powered by pigeons), and Microsoft brought back the hated Clippy software assistant – in hardware form, as SmartClippy

Nokia 3310 PureView Windows Phone April Fools Spoof

Telling truth from fiction

Some news editors hate April Fools’ Day, which has become increasingly corporate over the years. “I’ve got hundreds of press releases in my in-tray,” complained one colleague. “How can I tell which is genuine?”

Indeed, the news that Justin Bieber is to buy the (other) much-loved Canadian institution BlackBerry has a certain crazy plausibility to it.  Likewise, we are pleased to hear that BT is replacing the BT Tower with a safe 3D-printed replica.

The Roku Watch streaming media device is a wearable tech invention we can get behind: “The Roku Watch is for the rare individuals who enjoy squinting around a teenie tiny screen or like showing off their wearable tech,” the company says.

Even better: “The Roku Watch will also track your body’s inactivity and grant you rewards when you hit impressive milestones. 10 inactive hours = one large pizza will automatically be delivered to your home.”

Come back to this page – we will be adding other tech spoofs here and in the gallery below.

Meanwhile, why not read about how a fibre cabinet in Surrey has been named the UK’s most picturesque?

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April Fools Roundup 2014

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April Fools Roundup 2014
Samsung promises pigeon powered "Ly-Fi" hotspots

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