NHS Fixes Defaced Data Website

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The defaced NHS England page had been displaying a hacker message for several days

The NHS has fixed a primary care provider performance monitoring website after it was defaced by hackers several days ago.

The site, insights.london.nhs.uk, gives providers access to data on their own performance derived from a variety of sources, including patient surveys.

It was hacked and defaced to display a black screen with white text that read, “Hacked by AnoaGhost”.

“Typical Idiot Security”, the message continued, and listed the pseudonyms of a number of group members.

Visible target

Computer security expert Kevin Beaumont wrote on Twitter that the hack appeared to have been carried out several days ago.

It was fixed after the BBC contacted NHS Digital, which advises NHS organisations on technical issues.

NHS Digital had earlier confirmed on Twitter it was “aware” of the problem.

“We are aware of this and action has been taken by the site owners to remove the defaced parts of the website,” NHS Digital told the BBC. “We will work with the site owner to help them remediate the underlying vulnerability.”

The NHS has been a frequent target of hackers looking to post messages that will become highly visible.

The organisation has also been hacked in the past to demonstrate security weaknesses.

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