New MacBook Pros Rumoured


Are new Apple MacBook Pros coming? New Apple SKUs in a store’s processing system suggest that might be the case

New Apple iPhones are widely expected to arrive in June, and it’s no secret that an iPhone OS 4 with multitasking is in the works. Word of new Apple MacBooks, however, is something few people likely saw coming.

On 11 April, a Reddit user at electronics retailer Microcenter noticed four new Apple notebook SKUs in the store’s purchasing system.

“This all just showed up in my system at microcenter with model numbers and price,” Reddit user audioslave716 wrote. “The week before the macbook came out in November this came up the same way, with a correct model number and price. Looks like we might get new MBP’s Tuesday!!!”

A Microcenter screenshot, posted at Ars Technica, shows the four models listed as “Apple System Good-USA,” priced at $1,799.99 (£1170); “Mac system #1 Best-USA,” priced at $2,199; “Mac System #2 Best-USA,” priced at $2,299.99; and “Mac system Better-USA,” priced at $1,799.99.
The pricing suggests that the notebooks are MacBook Pro updates.

Currently, the 15-inch, 2.53GHz MacBook Pro starts at $1,699, with pricing increasing to $2,299 for the 2.8GHz model.
In August 2009, Apple rolled out a version of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with an antiglare widescreen display.

While the MacBook Pro’s edge-to-edge glass display is rather unanimously considered attractive, some users found the glare to be too much. In adding the antiglare option, the 15-incher joined ranks with the 17-inch MacBook Pro, which also offered it, unlike the 13-inch version. 
The Apple site offers no hint that new MacBook options are coming.

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