New Boundary Touts PC Energy-Saving Solution

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New Boundary Technologies has a new energy saving solution for businesses concerned with running their office computers more efficiency

Configuration management and remote monitoring and control specialist New Boundary Technologies has launched the PwrSmart Service, which is a PC power management solution.

PwrSmart Service aims to deliver energy savings and reduce carbon emissions in order to meet tightening facility budgets and increased corporate sustainability requirements.

Built for facility managers, finance directors and corporate sustainability officers, PwrSmart Service is delivered through a web browser: The service is free for the first 30 days.

Browser Based

Key features of the service include an interactive interface providing real-time PC energy savings (accessible from any web browser with a Silverlight plug-in), built-in energy auditing capability and comprehensive reporting for energy rebate and sustainability programs, a chart and graph-based analysis engine with ability to click and drill-down for additional energy/cost savings details and the ability to automatically apply power management settings without manual intervention and enforce settings even if users try to disable or change them.

“We are excited to distribute PwrSmart Service; it’s reseller friendly,” said Thorir Eggertsson, founder and CEO for reseller Inuit AB. “As a browser-based solution, PwrSmart Service’s low barrier-to-entry makes it an extremely viable option for companies considering PC power management to reduce energy consumption, extend the life of IT assets and support green IT initiatives. The service’s graphical interface, ‘hands-off’ administration and comprehensive reporting functions stand out compared to other ‘clunky’ and overpriced centralised PC power management solutions currently available on the market.”

Energy Saving

Companies implementing PC power management on 5,000 PCs can save $350,000 (£224,000) in energy costs annually and prevent nearly 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of planting 1,845 acres of trees or taking 1,490 cars off the road, according to US government estimates.

Industry estimates meanwhile cite that PC power management can reduce an organisation’s overall annual energy consumption up to 15 percent.

Other service features include security roles that enable individuals to view, analyse and report on energy savings, the ability for users to control and enforce multiple power settings depending on the time of day, prepackaged or customisable PC power management schemes, and the ability to schedule complete PC shut downs, hibernations or wake-up events based on work schedules and maintenance. The company noted PwrSmart Service is compliant with the US EPA’s Energy Star requirements for PC power management solutions.

“PwrSmart Service is one of the few products, IT or otherwise, that reduces hard costs immediately without requiring any up-front investment or long-term contract,” said Tom Diamond, president of New Boundary Technologies. “Organisations can pay as they go with PwrSmart Service and start centrally controlling hundreds to thousands of PCs from a simple browser-based application that generates energy savings from day one. The enormous savings generated through PwrSmart Service can easily fund other green initiatives within organisations.”

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