National Theatre Embraces Digital Transformation With Android And iOS Queue-Jumping App

It is digital transformation with customer experience at its core

The Royal National Theatre is embracing the digital transformation doctrines that are spreading across both established and new organisations in Britain. 

In its latest move to inject more digital technology and processes into its operations, the National Theatre has created and launched a online portal and mobile app that allows its ticket-holders to order and pay for refreshments ahead of their visit in order to facilitate “streamlining their theatre experience”. 

Digital transformation 

National TheatreNow theatre visits are not exactly known for being tempestuously stressful, yet despite Britain’s love of queuing, getting refreshments in a tight interval period with the odd queue jumper can erode one’s enjoyment of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust in a few fell strokes. 

So the introduction of an app that removes that risk is potentially a welcome addition to the services the National Theatre offers. 

“At the National Theatre we are and the latest generation of theatre-goers are increasingly tech-savvy, organised and time efficient. By introducing this new app we are offering audiences the opportunity to maximise their time and enjoyment in the theatre,” said Neil Brooke, head of catering operations at the National Theatre. 

Available on Android and iOS, the app was created by developer Preoday, while the web portal can be accessed through visiting the National Theatre ‘s website. 

One could argue that the creation of the app is at the very lowest end of the digital transformation agenda. But in an sector reliant on customer satisfaction, there is a potential that even a seemingly small change could exponentially enhance a theatre goers’ experience and ensure they are willing to return to the National Theatre and thus help boost its revenue for what could be a rather minor technology investment. 

And this is the crux of digital transformation; it is not necessarily about complete IT infrastructure overhauling, but more about changes that can have a meaningful positive impact on an organisation’s daily operations

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