MWC 2017: Robots, IoT, Connected Cars, And Android Smartphones Of Course

Silicon snaps a smorgasbord of tech and activity from Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona is drawing to a close, with bleary-eyed execs, journalists and general tech fans shuffling out of the Fira convention centre and into the Spanish sunshine. 

As ever, MWC 2017 was a cacophony of connected technology; sure there were no smart firdges lurking around, but we did get to see a clutch of the latest Android smartphones, tablets and hybrid devices, chips aiming at faster LTE connectivity, and more Internet of Things (IoT) concepts than you could shake a wireless controller at.

Pictures are meant to paint a thousand words, so we have a selection of them that we hope captures the essence of this years MWC.

 MWC 2017 in pictures 

Sony SAP NECNot limited to mobile manufactures, MWC played host to both enterprise IT firms, connectivity specialists and consumer device brands, with SAP, NEC and Sony all rubbing shoulders. 

Of course, with these tech brands come their rather meaningless slogans……Slogans

But on their stands there was still plenty to see, such as a connected Ford Mustang showcased by SAP. SAP connected car

And a demonstration by Dell on how big data tech can find its way into the next-generation of plane cockpits. IMG_20170301_183416

Speaking of vehicles, MWC 2017 was awash with connected cars, including this driverless, smart-tech filled, cloud connected Peugeot concept car. Peugeot

Not to be out done by their vehicular brethren, robots also more than a few admiring glances from passers by. Robot Robot dancing

A robot drummer also showed off how connectivity can help thump out a beat remotely. Drumming robot

Continuing with the theme of connected everything, we saw all manner of IoT real-world deployments, including the work Vodafone has done on supporting an IoT network of sensors designed to be attached to Harbour Seals to track their movements. Connected seal

IBM also showcased its cognitive computing powered dress, which analyses a wearer’s personality and adjust the hue of the lights accordingly. IBM dress

Britain also has a decent presence at MWC 2017, despite concerns that Brexit and a lack of governmental support would stymie the UK’s showcase. Britain at MWC 2017

Virtual reality was the big thing at last year’s MWC; this year augmented reality appeared to be the more captivating technology, with AT&T demonstrating the uses of Microsoft’s HoloLens as a means to us augmented reality to see demonstrate virtual car showrooms and overlay data on F1 cars. AT&T Microsoft Hololens

As well as a pair of smart glasses designed for visually impaired people that enable a video feed to be piped to an operator who can provide directional instructions to the wearer.  Smartglasses

And finally there were more than a few new smartphones on the show floor. Lenovo’s Motorola demonstrated its new G5 brace of affordable Android smartphones.Lenovo Moto

LG showed-off its G6 ‘big screen that fits in your hand’ Android Nougat equipped flagship.LG MWC

Sony showcased it Xperia X2 Premium, photography focused smartphone.Sony MWC

And Samsung had a strong showing of its Galaxy smartphone range and its new tablets.Samsung MWCSuffice to say MWC was one of the major mobile and connected tech showcases of the year, and promises that 2017 will be a year in which the IoT, 5G and augmented reality make solid steps forwards to becoming common place in the business and consumer world.  

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