Hackers Claim Mt. Gox Still Sitting On Bitcoins


Hackers target CEO Mark Karpeles to show outrage at Bitcoin exchange

Hackers who took control of Mt. Gox chief Mark Karpeles’ personal blog, Reddit and Tumblr accounts have posted information they alleged showed the Bitcoin exchange was still sitting on coins.

Following an epic breach, Mt. Gox said it had lost at least 850,000 BTC. Customers are furious as they have not been able to recover any funds, have no legal recourse and are baffled by the lack of public information released by the exchange.

Mt. Gox Bitcoin woes

Bitcoin (c) Carlos Amarillo, ShutterstockAngry hackers targeted Karpeles, leaving a post on his personal blog that alleged Mt. Gox still had some Bitcoins and it was time for customers to be compensated, according to a report in Forbes. That post has now been taken down.

The attackers also posted a file containing a spreadsheet of transactions and evidence of access to databases owned by Mt. Gox’s parent company Tibanne Limited.

The hackers claimed Mt.Gox had a balance of 951,116 BTC, indicating it has kept a significant number of coins. None of their allegations have been confirmed and the company has not responded to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, a user on another forum has offered a 20GB file allegedly stolen from Mt. Gox, containing personal data of all the exchange’s users. The asking price for this document is 100 Bitcoins.

Whilst Mt. Gox has not commented on the apparent attacks, or any of the claims of the attackers, it has warned users about spam messages appearing to come from the firm.

The spammers are preying on users’ hunger for compensation, as they ask for information related to creditors’ claims.

“Further updates concerning the procedure of filing of claims will be posted on the Mt. Gox website,” the company said.

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