Mt. Gox Lets Users Check Bitcoin Balances

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Bitcoin exchange opens up a little after criticism over lack of transparency

Mt. Gox has provided some transparency over the impact of the breach that brought about the downfall of the Bitcoin exchange by allowing users to check their balances.

The firm had come under fire over claims it was still sitting on Bitcoins, even though it had been suggested Mt Gox was robbed of all its coins following an attack on its infrastructure.

ct-ct-mt-gox-bitcoin-jpg-20140304At least 850,000 BTC were said to have been stolen, but hackers who compromised Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles’ personal blog, Reddit and Tumblr accounts claimed the firm had not been clear about the amount it still had on its systems.

It has now sought to allay some concerns by allowing users to check their balances.

Bitcoin balances

“This balance confirmation service is provided on this site only for the convenience of all users. Please be aware that confirming the balance on this site does not constitute a filing of rehabilitation claims under the civil rehabilitation procedure and note that the balance amounts shown on this site should also not be considered an acknowledgment by Mt. Gox … of the amount of any rehabilitation claims of users,” a message on the company’s website read.

“Rehabilitation claims under a civil rehabilitation procedure become confirmed from a filing which is followed by an investigation procedure. The method for filing claims will be published on this site as soon as we will be in situation to announce it.”

Karpeles’ assets have now been frozen, whilst Mt. Gox has sought bankruptcy protection. The firm has been sued for negligence and fraud too.

Users are still in the dark about whether they will get any Bitcoins back.

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