Mobile Printing: Today’s Flexible Printing Option


As the work force becomes increasingly mobile, practical print from anywhere solutions must be incorporated in to company infrastructures

Document Sharing/Scanning

But apps such as Samsung MobilePrint are not only good for printing documents. They can also be used to quickly share documents with other users or even social networking websites, and it also allows for the scanning of documents, directly to the smartphone or mobile device. This is because scanning from any network-connected or wireless enabled Samsung MFP is supported by Android and iOS mobile devices. And even better, these scans can be saved into JPG, PDF, or PNG formats for quick and easy viewing on the mobile device. The Samsung MobilePrint app even allows for the use of the automatic document feeder on the MFP if the user has multiple pages that need to be scanned. All of these pages are included in one single PDF file. Also, the app allows the user to change the scanner settings, giving the user the option to scan in black and white, colour, as well as change the image quality, all from the mobile device. Take for example a salesman who goes out to a client and signs a physical contract with them. They could then scan this document directly into the smartphone using any onsite Samsung MFP, and then send the document back to the head office. Or they could scan it to Google Docs, and then forward it to HQ. A good mobile printing app will also provide the mobile user with suitable file-sharing capabilities. Again the Samsung MobilePrint app allows iOS and Android devices to share files and documents. Open a web browser (HTTP) on a PC and enter the address of your iOS device, or use the WebDAV to transfer files by mapping the device as a network drive. The Android app offers a “Share With” feature, allowing users to share the file with the home network, or site such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Picasa. It is true that some businesses (notably enterprises) tend to be nervous about the potential security risk a mobile print solution can pose. But it is worth remembering that sending a sensitive document straight to the printer is often a more secure solution than if it is emailed to a server somewhere, where it sits waiting to be printed out. This eliminates any potential security risks of the sensitive document sitting on the ‘middle-man’ server.


Mobile devices are now an essential tool in both the modern work environment, and for most individuals. The challenge for businesses posed by mobile devices has been interesting. First they had to understand the challenge of incorporating these mobile devices into their workplace, but now they have to ensure that these mobile devices are provided with suitable access to all the back-office infrastructure, which of course includes printers and scanners. The consumer meanwhile wants ease of use, and to be able to seamlessly connect their mobile device to their printers or MFPs. There is now an expectation of ‘plug-and-play’ compatibility with mobile devices. Printer vendors have recognised this need and are responding to this demand. Mobile print apps such as Samsung MobilePrint, do offer a powerful and genuinely useful tool for those workers no longer tied down to their desks. The potential uses of such apps like this are in reality only limited by your imagination. For more information click here.

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