Mobile Printing: Today’s Flexible Printing Option


As the work force becomes increasingly mobile, practical print from anywhere solutions must be incorporated in to company infrastructures

Mobile Printing, Scanning, Sharing

Samsung offers both individuals and businesses its Samsung MobilePrint app. This app works on Google Android, Apple iOS, as well as Windows Phone 7-based devices. It connects those mobile devices to a network-connected Samsung printer/MFP, a wireless printer, or a shared printer connected to a Windows-based PC with a USB cable. The beauty of this app is that the individual does not have to install drivers or configure network settings. They can simply install the app and it automatically detects compatible Samsung printers. Apps like this allow mobile users to print documents, photographs (such as JPGs, PNG, BMP, GIF), PDF files, or even web pages (all it needs is the URL). It can print all of these if they are stored on your mobile device, or if they are stored on cloud services such as Google Docs.

Web printing and the Cloud

A unique feature of the Samsung MobilePrint app is that the only mobile printing application on the market today that offers web printing for iOS and Android devices. So if the user likes an online newspaper article, a Facebook/Twitter page, or just a humble picture, he or she can print it. Another possible application could be a salesman when out and about, printing directions to his next customer location. All he needs is access to a nearby Samsung printer. With the arrival of cloud-based Office packages such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, many people are now able to work on those documents on their mobile devices, without having to physical store those documents on their device. The Samsung MobilePrint app offers users the ability to output these documents quickly and easily, with a host of diverse print options including fit to page, original size, colour or mono, paper orientation, size, and number of copies.

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