Microsoft Teases With Possible Tablet Images


Microsoft’s hardware division has released images that offer a tantalising view of what could be a tablet device from the software giant

Microsoft’s hardware boffins are reportedly working on a mystery product, after it posted images of a device that it describes as ‘touchy’ and ‘flat’.

Redmond posted the image using the hardware division’s Twitter account, which was only created late last month.

The speculation is that the image belongs to the long-rumoured tablet device that Microsoft hopes will rival the likes of the Apple iPad. However, others have speculated it could be anything from a mouse to even a GIS terminal for a bicycle.

iPad Rival?

The image itself does not reveal a great deal of information as it is cropped, but what it does show is the back and bottom corner of the mystery device.

“Here’s the first piece to the puzzle of our next product release,” Microsoft tweeted. “What could it be? More clues to come!”

On Tuesday it added to the speculation with the following Tweet. “Here’s a hint for you: ‘Don’t be so touchy…flat is where it’s at.’ We’ll share another glimpse of our upcoming product with you tomorrow.”

It later added – “Thanks for all of the guesses for today’s sneak peek image. We’ll release another image soon to give you a better idea of what’s in store.

If the image is of a tablet device, then Microsoft will be joining an already crowded market-place, with many other vendors looking to get a slice of the Apple iPad pie.

Courier Replacement?

Yet if this is a Microsoft tablet, it would effectively mark a u-turn for the company.

Earlier this year Microsoft poured cold water on rumours that it was planning to launch an iPad-killer, after development of its “Courier” tablet PC come to a standstill. Pictures of the dual-touchscreen device emerged on gadget blog Gizmodo in September 2009, but in April Frank Shaw, corporate vice president of corporate communications at Microsoft, published a blog stating that the Courier project had been canned.

And this was not the only hardware setback for the software giant, after it cancelled the European appearance of its Kin mobile phone in July after only only 500 were sold in the US after its launch three months ago.

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