Tech Quiz Of The Week: Apple Mac

Apple unveiled MacBook Pro 2016 and the Touch Bar this week, but what do you know about the history of the Mac?

This week, Apple debuted the latest entries into its MacBook Pro range, boosting the power, trimming off some fat and adding the unique Touch Bar. The laptops are the latest in a long line of machines, started by the iconic Macintosh more than thirty years ago.

Launched in the 1980s, the Mac won the creative industries because its graphics and text handling software made the best use of its tiny monochrome display. Under the guidance of Steve Jobs – and later designer Jonny Ive, the platform succeeded, waned, and then grew again.

Apple Mac Quiz

apple-macbookpro-3The Mac has taken its users on an odyssey, shifting across three completely different processors, while Windows pretty much sat on just the Intel x86 family.

The operating system has also morphed to make use of free BSD Unix, along with the NextStep OS pioneered during Steve Jobs’ years in exile from Apple.

The platform pioneered a lot of things – abandoning floppies and CDs before the rest, and adopting different network and expansion technologies. Apple users still swear by their Macs no matter what.

But what do you know about the Mac? And how many do you recognise in our gallery?

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History of the Apple Mac

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1991: Macintosh Powerbook
Dubbed the first portable Mac, the Powerbook brought the keyboard close to the screen so users could rest their palms while typing and the trackball made it easier to navigate.