Lulzsec Suspect Named And Charged With SOCA Hit


Scottish teen Jake Davis charged with attacking police SOCA site, but is he Lulzsec’s spokesman Topiary?

The Scottish teenager arrested last week has been named as Jake Davis and charged with an attack on the police SOCA website in June.

Jake Davis, aged 18, has been accused of being Topiary, the voice of the Lulz Security (Lulszec) hacker group, but online opinion suggests he may have been framed for this. He will appear at Westminster magistrate’s court today.

Police now have three British Lulzsec suspects

Lulzsec, along with hacktivist group Anonymous have waged an anarchic war against sites they see as figures of authority, in a campaign called Antisec (Anti-Security).

Despite disbanding, Lulzsec seems to be still active, and police have arrested three suspects. Nineteen-year old Ryan Cleary was arrested in June, and a sixteen year old boy was arrested in London in July.

Lulzsec has denied that Cleary has anything to do with them, and online discussion has suggested that Davis will turn out to have been framed, and not be Topuary at all.  News site DailyTech, backed by claims from anti-LulzSec hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r), believe the real Topiary is Swedish, and set up a false trail leading to Davis because he had a grudge against him.

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