LinkedIn Better Than The Pub For Business, TechWeekEurope Readers Say

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LinkedIn is more popular than Facebook for business, but many don’t believe any social network is suitable

TechWeekEurope readers think that LinkedIn is a better place for businesses to network than the pub, according to our latest poll.

The professional social network secured 26.8 percent of the vote, comfortably ahead of its rivals, despite the recent theft of 6.5 million passwords and criticism over its security measures.

To the pub

Although this can be partly attributed to the poll being published on a Friday, the pub was the second most popular answer, securing 21.8 percent of votes, while 13.6 percent of respondents said they didn’t think any of the choices were the best option.

This is contrary to the advice given by a KPMG survey which told UK businesses they must embrace social media in 2012 if they are not to fall behind.

Facebook was LinkedIn’s closest competitor, winning a 12.7 percent share of the vote, while Twitter managed 9.9 percent, less than the telephone, which won 10.3 percent.

Google+ is trying to wrest users away from its rivals, but despite Google’s best efforts, only 4.7 percent of our readers value it as a business tool. Rank outsider Spiceworks propped up the table with just 0.2 percent.

Next: Julian Assange

For our next poll, we want to know your thoughts on a man who has been in the news recently, Julian Assange, who earlier this week fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in an effort to claim asylum after this latest bid to avoid extradition to Sweden failed.

But what we want to know is, what word describes him perfectly? You can make your choice in the poll right now.

In one word, describe Julian Assange:

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