LeWeb 2013: Robert Scoble Predicts Wearable Computing Boom


Robert Scoble tells us that Google Glass will lead a boom in cloud data

Wearable technology like Google Glass has a big future, according to globe trotting blogger Robert Scoble. And it’s also good business for his employer, cloud hosting specialist Rackspace.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Robert Scoble led two separate professional lives – as a blogger and as a Rackspace “racker”, spreading the  word on the cloudy company. But the two are linked.

Robert Scoble Rackspace Leweb 2013 square

Heart of Glass

Take his Google Glass obsession. Scoble is a big fan of Glass (apart from the voice recognition and the not-so-hot telephony), whilst Rackspace is actually very interested in the wearable computing space, because it wants to provide the back end for all the apps running off of the devices.

The number of sensors in this device, and the amount of data it can upload, makes for good business for a company hosting stuff on the web.

Does Google have an unassailable lead, or is Apple going to get in on the act? Scoble thinks the iPhone maker is waiting to let Google take the knocks: “I think Apple will let Google get bloody.”

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