Lenovo Launches Smallest Two-Processor Desktop


A two-socket desktop in a smaller space, and an all-in-one PC are promised by Lenovo

Lenovo has launched a desktop it says is the smallest powerful two-processor desktop,as well as a business-oriented alli-in-one computer with a 23 inch screen.

At only 24 litres, the ThinkStation C20 is 46 percent smaller than the Dell Precision T5500 and 31 percent smaller than the HP Z600, Lenovo claims. It is also greener, journalists were told at an event in London showing new Lenovo technology.

A small two-processor desktop

The C20 and C20x desktops can hold Intel’s Westmere and Nehalem Xeon processors, giving what Lenovo spokespeople described as “a server class device in a compact size”. Fourteen can be put in a standard rack – four more than rivals allow, Lenovo said.

Aimed at heavy users in digital content creation or the finance market, the machine starts at $1199 (£815). It can support up to four graphics cards and sixteen monitors, and holds up to 192Gbyte.

To keep the machine cool, it has “tri-channel” cooling, with a fan at the front, along with four others on the power supply, the processor and the back panel. Despite holding five fans, the machine sounded quiet in the London demonstration, operating at a claimed 4.8 bel running two processors and two monitors.

The machine also has green qualifications: it is designed to meet TCO Edge green qualifications, as well as Energy Star 5 and EPEAT Gold qualifications.

Big touch-screen all-in-one

Lenovo also launched an an all-in-one computer with a 23in touchscreen. The screen has a consumer product look, with a 16:9 ratio, simply because volumes and the yield from manufacturing, make this ratio a longer-term prospect, IBM told the press.

It’s designed for video conferencing and VoIP, with a built in webcam that has a physical shutter, to make for practical use of videoconferencing in the office, Lenovo said.

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