Kapow Cloud-based Analytics Service Update Appears

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Katalyst is a self-service analytics tool which businesses can tap into on a subscription basis

A software company, which appears to be named after a Batman cartoon graphic indicating a punch to the jaw, has released a new version of its cloud-based data analytics service.

Kapow Software launched Katalyst v8.2 as a self-service analytics tool into which business people can tap whenever they need it. The key to accessibility is its subscription model – there is nothing to install and test – and its intuitive user interface.

Real time analytics

The idea is to make it faster and easier to integrate Big Data-type streams to enable real-time analytics and the best possible use of internal, external, structured, and unstructured data.

“Studies have shown that most companies, on average, make use of only about five percent of their business data, because the bulk of their data is siloed and cannot be accessed or analysed easily,” CEO and founder Stefan Andreasen (pictured) told eWEEK. “If we can help them just get to six or seven percent, we’ve made progress.

“This analytics tool can help your company make more intelligent decisions and/or help streamline or optimise processes – whether it’s automation or some type of integration.”

Katalyst 8.2 can organise, integrate, and analyse data from streams as diverse as legacy, on-premise, social media, partner, B2B, competitor, e-commerce, blogs, and news sites, as well as location-based and mobile data, Andreasen said.

Speaks to Both IT and Line-of-Business People

The Kapow service is one that speaks to both IT and line-of-business people at an enterprise, and thus can bring them together (when they most often work separately) to solve common research needs.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from our customers in data that’s outside the firewall, such as cloud, mobile and social media data, because they want to turn that into Web intelligence,” Andreasen said. “Social media monitoring, brand monitoring, as well as supply chain optimisation.

“When these analytics are done sooner, CFOs look at this and say, ‘This could mean millions and millions of dollars for us on our balance sheet.’ Those are the types of optimisation projects we’re working on.”

Kapow can deliver integration projects as much as 90 percent faster and at 80 percent less cost than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy, Andreasen said.

The company has about 500 customers, including NetApp, Audi, Commerzbank, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, and dozens of federal agencies, Andreasen said.

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