John McAfee Offers $25k Reward To Clear His Name Of Murder


Fugitive McAfee offers $25,000 for capture of the real culprit in Belize murder

Fugitive John McAfee,  founder of the McAfee security firm, has offered a $25,000 reward for the capture of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Gregory Faull, who was found shot dead earlier this month on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, earlier this month.

McAfee is currently wanted in connection with the murder of his fellow expatriate and has spent almost a week evading capture from the Belizean authorities. He has denied killing Faull and told the media that he believed he was the original assassination target.

The founder of the antivirus company that bears his name said that he would continue his own investigation as the police seemed more interested in capturing him than finding the murderer. In a blog documenting his life on the run, McAfee said that he would not contact the authorities as he feared he would be tortured into confessing various crimes.

John McAfee plays detective

“I will continue my investigations, since the police seem to have defaulted on this obligation,” wrote McAfee. “I have offered a reward. If anyone has any information, please give it directly to me. I will publish it here on this blog first, and then provide it to the police. That way it cannot just conveniently disappear if it is evidence that the Government finds distasteful.”

McAfee said that when first began hiding from police, he intended to go as far away from his house as possible, but felt he had to return in order to discover the truth.

“Since the police only seemed to be investigating my whereabouts. My safety is contingent on the truth being discovered,” he said, before claiming that he had used an array of disguises to interview Faull’s caretaker and watch police search his residene.

McAfee has also called on the international community to apply pressure for the release of his friends and employees that have been arrested.

“Pease do what you can. Write your congressman to ask for sanctions against Belize. Write the Prime Minister and shame him. Just speak out. When enough people join a clamor for justice, the world changes,” he said.

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