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Mike Duncan Peer 1 hosting

Mike Duncan of Peer 1 Hosting remembers modems – but strangely, prefers motor bikes

Peer 1 Hosting is a web hosting company, which TechWeekEurope readers will remember for its use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Mike Duncan is Peer 1’s data centre operations manager in the UK (UK). We asked him about his IT Life – but he’d rather talk about his passion to ride motor bikes…

Tell us something about your IT career?
I ventured into the tech world in 1998, working with ISPs such as Direct Connection. From there I have done everything from magazine production to providing desktop support and managing IT departments for a mobile telco company.

What tech were you involved with ten years ago?
In the early days my work involved supporting modems – how far we’ve come since then!

What tech do you expect to be involved with in ten years’ time?
I don’t know anyone who has got this question right when asked. I have no idea!

dyson cleanerWho is your tech hero (and why)?
James Dyson [inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner]. He has achieved great success and kept going where others said he couldn’t.

Who is your tech villain (and why)?
Patent wars are the enemy. Patents stop innovation and make small companies frightened to do anything in case the big players sue them. Where are the boundaries?

What’s your favourite technology ever made? And which do you use most?
The internal combustion engine. Transport was arguably the driving force for international business growth before technologies like the computer came about – which justifies my choice.

Plus, I just love motor bikes!

Motorcycle bike Kawasaki Ninja ©  DDCoral / Shutterstock.comWhat is your budget outlook? Flat? Growing?
PEER 1 is experiencing rapid growth year on year as the tech world continues to develop.

Apart from your own, which company do you admire most, and why?
Shazam. They have a great business plan and product and continue to innovate.

What is the greatest challenge for an IT company or department today?
Two things:

  • Maintaining and sustaining growth.
  • Finding amazing people. They are like rare diamonds.

To Cloud or not to Cloud?
Making the decision to enter the cloud completely depends on the following:

  • A company’s size
  • Licensing
  • What they plan to do with the cloud

What is your hobby?
Did I mention I’m a big fan of motorbikes?

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