Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Gets Application Performance Monitoring


Ipswitch takes its monitoring to the application level

Ipswitch has added an Application Performance Monitor (APM) module to its WhatsUp Gold network management product.

The basic WhatsUp Gold is a network monitor, with a device discovery and mapping element, that can be built up into a more sophisticated management suite by adding modules according to individual systems’ needs.

Iris-ScanWeathering storms

The addition of the APM module enables IT departments to manage application performance allowing them to diagnose and fix complex problems through the management dashboard. The company said this can avoid costly service interruptions.

The software can identify root causes of application performance problems across network, server or multi-tier application. Irrelevant noise created by inter-dependent applications triggering “alert storms” can be eliminated by filtering out secondary warnings, allowing the IT department to get down to, and fix, the real problem. Application Performance Monitor also provides proactive alerts that can be set to execute customised actions to automatically repair potential problems before applications fail.

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