Quiz of the Week: Internet Censorship


Cameron’s porn ban, China’s repressive actions, North Korea’s home brew Internet – what do you know about global censorship?

This week it emerged Britain was to enforce a default block on pornographic websites. It will mark one of the most significant moves to censor the Internet in this country.

The announcement came from David Cameron himself, who was instantly greeted with a cavalcade of abuse from critics, who had warned the Prime Minister and his advisor Claire Perry their censorship charge would not work.

Internet censorship © Matthias Pahl Shutterstock 2012Everyone knows that if you want to access pornography, you will find a way around filters, don’t they? They are not hard to bypass, not for tech-aware youngsters who are supposed to be protected by this move…

Rising censorship

Coincidentally, the announcement came on the same day TechWeekEurope launched a series of articles about repression, in which we’ll bring to light numerous cases where governments are killing freedom of speech on the Internet.

Such censorship is going on everywhere. Many already know about China and its efforts to control the Internet. Then there’s Iran and North Korea – both running state-owned networks.

Things are pretty bad in Pakistan too, with a number of high-profile sites blocked.

All in all, it’s not looking good right now. And it appears governments are gaining more and more control over the Internet.

But if you want to fight the system, you have to know it inside out. So why not test out your knowledge with our censorship quiz…

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