Intel To Shut Down AppUp Online App Store

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Little-known app store will close on 11 March, four years after it was unveiled

Intel is closing its AppUp online app store as the chip manufacturer looks to refocus its attentions on developing services and technologies.

The company announced the news on the AppUp website, saying, “At Intel, we’re always thinking about the future, which often means making changes today. That’s why, on 11 March, 2014, Intel AppUp center will come to a close as we focus on developing new and exciting PC innovations that will continue to shape your world.”

AppUp was launched by Intel in 2010 as an online app store for netbook computers, with plans to expand its scope to smartphones, TVs and other consumer devices that used Intel processors. The company signed deals with several manufacturers to promote the service, which came preinstalled on netbooks from Samsung and Asus, and was also available to access via Best Buy’s website as well as Dixons shops in the UK.

appup_large_graphicClosing down

An FAQ on the site explains that after 11 March, no new content or apps will be available to download, and applications will not be updated or receive notifications through AppUp after that date. “Some of the apps in the store use a special technology which protects the app from being pirated/duplicated,” Intel said.

Intel has reassured users that no personal data will be kept on file following AppUp’s closure; however purchase information for downloaded applications will be kept for one year to support the company’s financial calculations. Any customer service enquiries and all orders and invoices will also be archived for financial accounting and audit purposes.

Despite the AppUp store closing, Intel has advised users to keep their client software installed in order to ensure they can still run their existing apps. The company will also continue to supply customer support for the service via email until 15 June, although this will only be available in English.

Applications downloaded should continue to work as normal, but will need to be launched directly from AppUp’s desktop service. Some applications which require a link to the AppUp client may stop working following the closure of the service; however Intel is offering customers refunds for any such apps up until 19 December.

“AppUp wouldn’t have been possible without loyal users like you,” the company went on to say. “Thanks for enjoying the AppUp experience and for every one of your downloads. It’s been a fun ride.”

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