Ingres’ Big Data Battle Vectors On Microsoft

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Ingres has ported its Vectorwise system to Windows to offer fast Big Data analysis to all sizes of firms

Ingres is taking the Big Data battle to Microsoft, claiming that launching data analysis tools will satisfy “the unmet needs of 90 percent of Windows business workers”.

Vectorwise for Windows offers access to big data sets from any Windows 7 desktop or Windows 2008 Server. The application provides interactive reporting and “powerful” analytics for these Windows-based architectures, Ingres said.

Vectorisation Speeds Analytic Processes

The company claims Vectorwise is a record-breaking analytic database which can speed up the complex processes involved by 70 percent over standard databases like Oracle. It is designed to assist companies to uncover deep insights from their data, whether analysing streaming financial data, determining real time point of sale information in retail, or examining user behaviour on social media websites.

“Big data represents a disruptive force, but it isn’t just for today’s leading e-commerce and social media companies such as Facebook and Amazon,” said Steve Shine, the newly-appointed CEO of Ingres. “There are a multitude of small, medium and larger organisations across various industries that want to analyse their data to deliver unprecedented insights and new revenue streams.”

Until this release, Ingres only supported Vectorwise on Linux systems and this marks a move to the mainstream, broader market. It also cuts down the need for powerful, expensive systems to handle the analysis process, Ingres said.

Although Vectorwise for Windows has placed on general release today, it has been available as a beta for some time. Ingres has not released any useful data on how many downloads have been made so far but claimed that download traffic increased by 215 percent.

“Having Vectorwise available on Windows gives us new options to build super fast Business Intelligence solutions for our customers who wish to maintain their Windows platform,” said Lee Theofanis, technical director at healthcare data analysis specialist Decision Resources. “Now we can help businesses use their data to gain new insights and drive operational efficiencies on the platform of their choice.”

A trial version of Vectorwise for Windows can be downloaded from the Ingres Website

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