Imation Unveils Scalable Data Protection Appliance

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Imation has launched a scalable storage solution geared towards helping SMBs with data recovery

Storage specialist Imation is looking to assist small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) retain, retrieve and recover data, with its newly launched scalable storage portfolio of data protection and archive products.

The new scalable storage platform features InfiniVault and DataGuard multitiered data archive and data protection appliances, as well as the company’s existing RDX removable hard disk storage and Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technologies.

Data Protection

The InfiniVault data archive appliance family is made up of four models – the InfiniVault 5, 35, 70 and DICOM – to meet various size and industry requirements.

The DataGuard data protection appliance is a disaster-tolerant backup appliance using hard drives and RDX drives to provide a multilayer data protection target within existing backup infrastructures. Designed as both tower and rack models, DataGuard uses RDX removable hard drives to retain backups and to seed the cloud infrastructure. Models include the DataGuard T5R, R4 and R16, and will be available in early 2012.

“Compliance and the explosion of unstructured data have changed the way SMBs must retain, retrieve and recover their data. For years, SMBs have pieced together solutions from different storage companies, which didn’t always work well together,” said Tom Coughlin, founder of Coughlin Associates.

“Imation is offering a seamlessly integrated portfolio of tiered and flexible storage solutions geared to the needs of SMBs,” he added. “These solutions include cloud-enabling storage capabilities as well as archive quality media and appliances designed to enable SMBs to efficiently scale their storage according to their data archive and data protection needs.”

Scalable Storage

Built to mitigate data loss, retain long-term data and support removable media workflows, Imation’s line of stand-alone and internal mounted RDX hardware combines tape backup with hard disk drive storage. Currently available, models include the RDX A8 Storage Array and RDX USB 2.0 and 3.0 Internal and External Docks.

“We are always searching for compelling and differentiated products to add to our manufacturer lineup,” said Charles Bass, vice president of vendor relations at Promark Technology. “In this case, we were looking for a scalable storage solution for small and medium-sized customers who have data-intensive and compliance-driven requirements similar to larger enterprises. Imation presented us with a solution that is extremely attractive and provides a comprehensive tiered storage product line that we can offer to our channel partners whose customers don’t want to settle for low-end, off-the-shelf products or costly enterprise solutions.”

Imation is also making technology investments to extend its position in data storage, security, archiving and protection, including the 2011 acquisitions of MXI Security, IronKey’s secure hardware business and the assets of ProStor Systems, including the InfiniVault product line.

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