IDT Unveils Power Efficient DC Architecture


IDT is offering a power architecture designed to help existing data centres exploit their computing resources

Integrated Device Technology, a specialist in system-level solutions has announced coolRAC technology, a power architecture for enterprise data centres that is engineered to increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

IDT’s technology does not require a data centre redesign or changes to the physical architecture, which helps minimise the effort and cost to upgrade.

AC/DC Power

IDT coolRAC utilises an approach for converting and distributing the AC input power of an enterprise computing data centre to the DC inputs of the servers’ electronics. Using low-voltage point-of-load conversion and AC distribution, coolRAC achieves end-to-end power efficiency of nearly 90 percent – a 10 percent improvement over traditional solutions, which in turn lowers energy and cooling costs.

The company said the solution is designed to provide a low-cost and high availability cabinet-level power solution for server, network and storage products, such as those used in massive cloud computing facilities. Investment costs can be recovered through energy savings, an IDT release stated.

“IDT’s new coolRAC technology offers unprecedented power savings in a market where every small increase in efficiency is crucial,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the analog and power Division at IDT. “By offering nearly 90 percent end-to-end efficiency with no physical architecture changes, and using existing AC inputs and standard components, coolRAC is an undeniable breakthrough in green technology.

“While our competition strives to make incremental improvements with a narrow focus at the device level, IDT’s system-level approach changes the paradigm to realise huge benefits for its customers,” Naghavi added. “Our growing power management portfolio is setting the stage for the next generation of high-efficiency cloud computing platforms.”

HPC Interest

Naghavi said IDT coolRAC is already generating interest from high performance computing and network product suppliers looking to offer a competitive advantage. For existing data centres, coolRAC offers the ability to add computing power while using the same amount of electricity, which is especially important for facilities with fixed power limits.

In addition, because key elements of the control mechanisms are to be implemented in advanced silicon ICs, the topology creates an opportunity for data centres to fully utilise the continuing advances in silicon process cost and performance to realise further energy savings. Such benefits in power management are not accessible to data centres using traditional DC distribution architectures, making IDT’s coolRAC technology more favourable for future improvements, Naghavi noted.

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