HTC Sensation XE Has Fancy Headphones


HTC’s Sensation XE smartphone will be in the UK soon, along with features for audiophiles

HTC ‘s latest Android smartphone, the Sensation XE, will arrive in the UK in matter of weeks – it’s most impressive feature being a pair of pricey headphones.

The Android-based phone features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and an 8GB or 16GB microSD card, but the defining feature for HTC is the integration of technology from premium audio brand Beats.

The Sensation XE comes with a pair of exclusive in-ear Beats headphones – whch would cost a reported £100 if bought separately –  and the device automatically adopts a tailored sound profile for enhanced performance when connected with Beats hardware.

Looking after its investment

Beats logo

HTC invested $300m for 51 percent of Beats, the headphone and speaker brand owned by American rapper Dr Dre in August. Its speakers also feature in HP laptops.

Amazon has the Sensation XE available for pre-order for £499, saying it will be released on 7 October. Meanwhile, lists the price as £599 and wants £492.

“We obsess over every detail of a consumer’s mobile experience and audio is a critical part of that experience,” said Peter Chou, CEO, HTC.

Earlier this week HTC hinted at further acquistions, indicating that a mobile OS could be on its radar.

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