HTC “Evaluating” Chrome OS-Android Hybrid

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HTC is investigating the possibility of creating a combined Google OS and Android internet device

HTC is reportedly considering producing a device which would combine the advantages of Google’s Chrome OS and Android mobile operating systems.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is currently evaluating the feasibility of creating an internet access device which would occupy the gap in the market between tablets and netbooks, say component makers.

Hybrid theory

It remains unclear how HTC would combine the two operating systems and what form the device would take, but it would represent the company’s first foray into the chromebook arena.

HTC currently produces 45 percent of all Android smartphones sold, the largest percentage of any manufacturer, while Android is currently the most popular operating system in the UK. Android is slowly increasing its share of the tablet market and now accounts for 27 percent of all tablets shipped.

This is in stark contrast to Google Chrome OS, which was unveiled last year. Chrome OS emphasises speed and cloud based computing but is unable to compete with Windows based netbooks and entry level notebooks in terms of price and specifications.

Many remain unconvinced that the platform will play a major role in the post PC world due to competition from Windows and tablets, but Google hopes that it will be able to combat the threat of such devices with a price cut just in time for Christmas.

However, this has not prevented Dixons from showing its support for the operating system. The UK’s largest electronics retailer has predicted that by next year, one in ten computers sold will be a Google Chromebook.

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