Apple Recruits Former US Environmental Head Lisa Jackson

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Former head of the US EPA is entrusted with task of improving Apple’s environmental practices

Lisa Jackson, the former head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is joining Apple to help the iPhone-manufacturer with its environmental policies.

During her four years at the EPA, Jackson worked to make changes at a national and international level with regards to climate change and other environmental problems. However, she left at the end of 2012 after it emerged she had conducted private EPA business using a false email alias.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that Jackson will be coordinating many of the company’s manufacturing and product practices as part of efforts to become a greener Apple, following criticism about its environmental impact.

Green Apple project

Green, Apple © Art Konovalov Shutterstock 2012Cook said that Apple was subject to more scrutiny because it was such a large company but that it didn’t mind being held to a higher standard of conduct, adding that Apple owns the largest solar farm and largest fuel cells of any non-energy company.

Earlier this year, Apple announced its data centres use 100 percent renewable energy and the company as a whole uses 75 percent renewables.

Environmental campaigner Greenpeace has long been pressuring Apple to stop using coal power at its facilities, especially at one data centre in North Carolina, which has been chosen as the location of a huge solar array.

Greenpeace has welcomed Apple’s openness but still questions what has been achieved in Carolina, given that its electricity supplier, Duke Energy, is viewed as a major polluter.

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