Gorilla Logic Offers Flex, AIR Test Tool


Gorilla Logic has released FlexMonkey 5, updatin its testing platform for Adobe Flex and AIR applications

Gorilla Logic has announced the availability of FlexMonkey 5, the latest version of the open-source automated-testing tool for Adobe Flex and AIR.

FlexMonkey 5 represents a major rewrite of the FlexMonkey core open-source test tool, resulting in better performance and increased reliability, Gorilla Logic officials said. Gorilla Logic specialises in enterprise application development services and open-source test tools for mobile and RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

Extensible and supportable

“Functional user experience testing is more critical than ever with the explosion of new consumer computing and devices,” Stu Stern, chief executive and co-founder of Gorilla Logic, said in a statement. “This latest version offers the community the next-generation of FlexMonkey, making it more extensible and supportable. It showcases our passion for quality, our technical expertise, and our connection to the tools and culture of Agile delivery.”

With more than 11,000 downloads for its technology, Gorilla Logic claims FlexMonkey is the most widely used open-source tool for testing Adobe Flex and AIR applications. It enables developers and testers of RIA to record, play back and verify real-world user interactions, the company said. If desired, the test automation tool can also generate ActionScript test scripts that teams can easily use within a continuous integration environment. Gorilla Logic created FlexMonkey in 2008, and continues to contribute to the Flex ecosystem with ongoing enhancements and dedicated support to the community.

New enhancements contained in FlexMonkey 5 include a new console interface, a new test execution model based on FlexUnit 4, and a new test-code generation model that is friendlier to the customisation of generated code. FlexMonkey 5 also has new SetProperty, StoreValue, and CallFunction commands providing increased power and expressiveness without modifying ActionScript. And there are hundreds of other changes driven by real-world feedback from the FlexMonkey community and Gorilla Logic’s customers, the company said.


FlexMonkey 5 is upward-compatible for tests recorded with FlexMonkey 4.1. The FlexMonkey development team intends to support the 4.1.x version for sustaining development for six months. To download a copy of FlexMonkey 5, visit http://www.gorillalogic.com/flexmonkey.

“User experience testing for the Adobe Flex/AIR platform now is more powerful, easier to use, faster, and more reliable; plus, it is free because it is open source.” Stern said. “For FlexMonkey customers that use Agile methods and have complex testing needs, FlexMonkey 5 offers new improvements in test extensions and Continuous Integration environments.”

Gorilla Logic focuses on developing open-source automated test tools for emerging development platforms. In addition to FlexMonkey, Gorilla Logic recently released FoneMonkey 5, bringing record-and-playback automated-testing capabilities to the iPhone and iPad. Gorilla Logic’s open-source testing tools have grown out of the company’s experience providing mobile, web and RIA development services to customers, from Fortune 500 companies to next-generation Internet startups.

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