Google To Invest 600m Euros In New Finland Data Centre


The new facility adds to Google’s existing facility in Hamina, which is on track to be powered by wind energy

Google said it plans to spend about 600 million euros (£530m) to build a new data centre facility in Hamina, on Finland’s south coast near the Russian border.

The new facility is to complement an existing Google data centre in Hamina, constructed at a cost of about 800 million euros in a former paper mill that the search firm purchased in 2009.

The current Hamina data centre is one of Google’s most advanced and efficient, with a cooling system that uses seawater from the Gulf of Finland.


Google’s data centre in Hamina, Finland. Image credit: Google

Google said it was building out its infrastructure in response to the trend toward cloud services by both consumers and enterprises.

“The demand for Google services is growing daily and we are building our data center infrastructure to match this demand,” said the company’s Finland country head Antti Jarvinen in a statement.

Google currently operates some 58 data centres around the world, and has invested more than 4.3 billion euros to build five facilities in Europe since 2007.

The company’s Hamina complex is to be powered by renewable energy from three new wind farms in Finland, Google said last year.

The company’s other European data centres are in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium.

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