Google Suspends iOS Authenticator As It Wipes Data

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Authenticator update wipes account settings, causing plenty of bother for users

Google has pulled a glitchy update to its Authenticator application for iPhones and other Apple devices, when it found the app was wiping account information.

The app allows users to set-up two-factor authentication for online services, but the update deleted users’ settings, meaning they would have to set all their accounts up again.

SQL username password - Shutterstock: © hauhuAuthenticator down

Google has said it is working on a fix, which it will release as soon as possible, whilst it has chosen to pull Authenticator from the App Store altogether until the new version is ready.

The two-factor authentication software secures accounts by requiring a password as well as a one-time, six-figure code that is sent to the app on each login. That code only works for two minutes after the user receives it.

If they can’t use that code for whatever reason, then they can use a pre-defined code that does not run out until used. Despite these codes, users still complained about being locked out of their accounts.

The Authenticator app can be used with a variety of popular online services, including Dropbox and Evernote.

Despite reported problems with Apple devices, the Android version is thought to be working without issue.

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