Google Nexus Two Rumoured From Carphone Warehouse

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Carphone Warehouse could sell a successor to Google’s Nexus One phone this year, according to rumours

Google is rumoured to be producing a successor to Nexus One phone Android-based which it canceled earlier this year, which may come through Carphone Warehouse.

Despite the success of Google’s Android operating system, and good reviews for the Nexus One, the Google-branded phone was not a big success, and was canceled, with the last devices shipped in July. It was sold online in the US, and through a single operator (Vodafone) in the UK, which most observers would say was the wrong way round.

Rumours say new Nexus for Christmas?

City AM reported rumours that Google was going to have another go, with a sequel to the Nexus One, that is not tied to one operator. The Nexus One was made by HTC, and many of its features were repeated in the HTC Desire, but the rumour suggests Google might use a different manufacturer, although apparently not Samsung according to today’s reports.

However, Google itself has in the past gone out of its way to spike rumours of a Nexus Two. In july, CEO Eric Schmidt told the Telegraph, among others, that there were no plans for a Nexus Two, because the Nexus One had done its job. It was only intended to seed the market, and push other vendors to offer the operating system on a high spec device. Since that has already happened, it is not clearwhat google would gain from another phone offering.

Meanwhile, in the US, the HTC Droid Incredible has already, unofficially, picked up the title of Nexus Two. And, somewhat ironically, Nexus One phones now exchange hands for more than their original price, owing to its status as a reference platform for Android apps.

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