Google Maps Adds UK Railway Timetables


Google Maps has teamed up with to help users plan their journeys around the UK

Google Maps is adding information to Google Maps that will let users plan rail journeys in the UK.

In a collaborating with the search engine’s route planning tool now includes train route and timetable information for more than 2,500 railway stations and 170,000 routes nationwide. The tool also includes approximately 8,000 bus stops and more than 250 tube stations. Tramlinks and walking options are also avalble.

Showing the way

In a move which Google has said it aimed at encouraging UK Olympics visitors to explore more of the country, the Maps service now gives directions including a more functional public transport option than the service has previously had. Once a route is chosen, users can then purchase a ticket through a link to the trainline website.

Previously, finding viable public transport routes on the service could be problematic. Users in London would have to visit the TFL website for more detailed information regarding desired routes, while those elsewhere would have had to search for a local transport provider.

Last year, Google Maps cooperated with TFL to enable users travelling within London to get more detailed public transport information for bus routes, tube, tram and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) lines.

Richard Rowson, product development director at, told the Guardian:  “We want to make sure consumers are always able to consider rail options when making a journey, and this innovation will help train travellers nationwide to do that by planning their route more easily.”

While the service is available online,  and users can already use the desktop service on their mobiles, it is unclear whether the option will be available on Google’s smartphone Maps app.

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