Google Maps Catches The Bus

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Google has integrated London’s public transport system into Google Maps, alongside a handful of updates

Google has integrated London’s public transport information into Google Maps, detailing every possible connection from one place to another in the capital.

Using points of interest or street addresses, the ‘Get Directions’ option now features a bus icon which, when selected, will suggest routes via London’s bus routes and tube, tram and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) lines.

Google Maps for mobile will also use current location to determine the best route.

Ed Parsons, Google UK’s geospatial technologist said: “We’ve worked hard over the past few years on this, and we’ve worked with TfL to get their bus and tube timetable information.

“We’ve done a lot of processing on it so we can know at any time when your next bus or tube is, wherever you are.”

Android users have the added functionality of the Google’s Transit Navigation feature, which has the added feature of alerting users when they are approaching their bus or train stop.

Android updates

This week Google also updated maps for Android to version 5.8 with a raft of new features.

Users can now upload photos of locations, for example restaurants or museums, to add to Google Places for others to view and can also view other people’s photos.

This requires an account with Google’s photo organising service Picasa and from here, the ‘Photos for Google Maps’ button allows for viewing, managing and deleting of uploaded photos.

A check-in feature telling friends where you are or where you have been has also been introduced and searching places has been made easier.

Now, descriptive terms appear alongside Places search results and it is quicker to access recently viewed place pages and any places users themselves have recently star-rated.

The Google Maps 5.8 update requires an Android OS 2.1+ device and can be used anywhere Google Maps is currently available.

Google recently rendered parts of London in 3D on Google Maps for both phones and online.

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