Google I/O: Google Glass Gets New Apps Including Facebook, Twitter

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The innovative headset from Google was largely ignored at its annual conference

Google has announced four new apps for its Glass wearable computer, including those from social networks Facebook and Twitter. The company also confirmed it is working on a Glass Developer Kit for building apps, although it didn’t say when it could become available.

Speaking at the annual Google I/O conference on Thursday, senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan had three pieces of advice for people writing Glass apps: “design for Glass,” “keep it timely” and “avoid the unexpected”. He also revealed that users will be able to stream video shot by Glass online, even though the capability hasn’t been implemented yet.

Analysts have pointed out that Glass was not high on the Google I/O agenda, and other services have received much more attention from the company executives. The device is still in the developer preview stage, and there is no indication when it will be available to consumers.

Facebook in front of your face

Little is known about the inner workings of the Glass project, but this much is certain: the device runs Android, features indirect bone-conduction speakers, a five megapixel camera, 16 GB of flash storage, will ship in five colours (black, grey, blue, red or white) and come with removable shades. The connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a micro USB port.

Google GlassThe functions of the headset include voice-to-text messaging, video calls, access to Google’s search engine, email, translation, GPS navigation and calendar. Google Glass is able to take pictures, film video and share content on social networks. And of course, it runs specifically designed apps through the ‘timeline card’ –based Mirror API.

The device will cost close to $1,500 (£985) when it is eventually released. In addition to two social networks, Google also announced apps from CNN, Elle magazine and Tumblr. Software designed for the platform by New York Times, Evernote, and Path has been previously confirmed in March.

Shopping network eBay has separately told Reuters it is participating in Google Glass beta, possibly to enhance it with price-checking capabilities.

Wearable computing is quickly becoming an important market for technology companies. China’s largest web services company – Baidu – is experimenting with its own pair of hi-tech glasses, while Microsoft has recently filed a patent for a full-blown augmented reality headset.

below, you can see some interface “cards” made by Google for Project Glass:


Google Glass Cards

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Google Glass interface cards


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