Google Enhances Chrome Developer Tools

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To make life for developers a little bit easier, Google has added three new tools to Chrome DevTools

Google is always working on new and improved tools for developers of their products.

In July, Google released a new Dart Software Development Kit and Editor in beta to help developers create their code more quickly. The company also began experimenting with a new network protocol, called QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections), that could help speed up network connections in the future.

The new Dart SDK and Editor is in its first beta release and contains performance and productivity improvements aimed at helping developers automate their code creation, produce smaller JavaScript code and deploy Dart Web apps. The release notes for the new editor are now available, and the latest version of the Dart Editor can be downloaded at

Recent Changes

In June, Google unveiled a new Cloud Playground environment where developers can quickly try out ideas on a whim, without having to commit to setting up a local development environment that’s safe for testing coding experiments outside the production infrastructure. The new Cloud Playground is presently limited to supporting Python 2.7 App Engine apps.

Google Maps Icon 16:9 lowres PNGEarlier in June, Google opened its Google Maps Engine API to developers so they can build consumer and business applications that incorporate the features and flexibility of Google Maps. By using the Maps API, developers can now use Google’s cloud infrastructure to add their data on top of a Google Map and share that custom mash-up with consumers, employees or other users. The maps can then be shared internally by companies or organisations or be published on the Web.

Google also recently created a new Mobile Backend Starter that lets developers focus on building and selling their apps by automating the back end of apps development. The Mobile Backend Starter works with Google App Engine. The Mobile Backend Starter was first announced at the Google I/O 2013 Developers Conference, where it was the topic of the “From Nothing to Nirvana in Minutes: Cloud Backend for Your Android Application” presentation.

In January, Google announced that it was moving its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over to the GitHub collaborative development environment to make it easier for software developers to contribute and continue the evolution of GCP. The GCP program has been growing since Google unveiled a new partner program in July 2012 to help business clients discover all of Google’s available cloud services. GitHub is a rapidly growing collaborative software development platform for public and private code sharing and hosting.

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