Google Calendar Hit By Global Outage

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Users report being unable to recall their schedules and falling back on paper organisers

Google confirmed that its online calendar was experiencing an apparently global outage as of late Tuesday afternoon GMT.

“We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar,” the company said in a message on the G Suite Status Dashboard. “The affected users are unable to access Google Calendar.”

“We are aware of the issues and working on a fix,” the company said on Twitter.

On, users reported being unable to access Google Calendar from locations including Utah, Silicon Valley, Brooklyn, the UK and Brazil.

‘Site not found’

The affected users reported seeing a “site not found” error message when accessing

The issues did not appear to be affecting other Google applications, and some users said the mobile Google Calendar app was working.

The incident follows a broader four-hour outage on 2 June that affected Google’s own services, such as Gmail, Calendar and YouTube, as well as a number of third-party applications and websites that rely on Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Some users took to social media to complain that they didn’t know their schedule for the day due to the issue.

One user said she was glad she had continued to rely on a paper organiser.

People make endless fun of me because I have an old school paper date book and I write everything down, but now your precious Google Calendar is on the fritz and this old lady is staying on schedule today, haha suckers,” she wrote.

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