Genuitec’s Latest MyEclipse Release Goes Mobile


Genuitec’s MyEclipse 2013 development tool for Eclipse brings development and deployment of new and legacy applications to mobile devices

Genuitec, a maker of Eclipse-based tools, said it plans to release My Eclipse 2013, the Enterprise Anywhere edition with HTML5 support on 1 April.

With Enterprise Anywhere and MyEclipse 2013, Genuitec is bringing development and deployment of new and legacy apps to any mobile device.

Mobile app deployment

Genuitec will demonstrate MyEclipse 2013 at the EclipseCon 2013 conference, which runs from 25 to 28 March in Boston. The product will then be available the following week at the beginning of April.

MyEclipseGenuitec is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation along with IBM, and with its new release customers will be able to build and deploy mobile apps for popular devices while turning legacy applications into mobile apps using the new feature set in MyEclipse 2013.

“I’m excited about MyEclipse 2013 as we introduce HTML5 development tools for mobile and web client apps. HTML5 is a central technology of the future for the enterprise,” Wayne Parrott, vice president of new products at Genuitec, said in a statement. “And our tools are built on the Eclipse platform so they are available to literally tens of millions of developers around the world.”

MyEclipse 2013’s new mobile tools enable developers to design and implement legacy apps for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, which make up nearly 90 percent of the market, according to research conducted by ComScore in late 2012.

The MyEclipse 2013 mobile tools support gives developers the power of HTML5 while also using the open-source Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks to support all PhoneGap APIs. The mobile tools also will include an App Centre Builder, which packages apps into the cloud for testing with a Cordova runtime.

One-click technology

The new HTML5 visual designer enables developers to use one-click technology to design once with a single code base and configure apps for Android and iOS platforms. The mobile tools will use Google App Engine for cloud-based app building and distribution.

Meanwhile, for Genuitec’s IBM WebSphere clients, the MyEclipse development team has made it even easier to migrate projects from IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD). The migration process is more robust, transparent and makes it easier to switch between WebSphere versions; some RAD projects will even work out of the box, Genuitec says.

MyEclipse 2013 is a fast, lightweight alternative to RAD, supporting the deployment of all project types in a variety of modes seamlessly, Parrot said. MyEclipse 2013 is more lightweight with the absence of the configuration centre for individual users.

For MyEclipse Secure 2013 customers, the configuration centre has been replaced by Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Centre (SDC).

Simpler operation

MyEclipse Secure 2013 enables developers to add and remove different components from MyEclipse in a more simplified manner, as well as have the ability to access and install software from proprietary tools libraries and public Eclipse marketplaces.

It also allows for the sharing of profiles and configurations, and licence management including the ability to activate MyEclipse behind your firewall. Other overall enhancements will include improved Java and Java EE Wizards as well as the ability to add Maven support with the click of a button and assign Enterprise ARchive (EAR) files directly.

MyEclipse 2013 also will showcase new a Project Facets Menu designed with icons that will enable developers to configure multiple project capabilities simultaneously and allow for easier adjustments and updates to the project’s capabilities. MyEclipse 2013 will ship with the embedded Tomcat 7 server as well as the updated Derby 10.9 embedded server.

Subscriptions to MyEclipse, MyEclipse Pro and Blue Editions are available annually for about $30 (£20), $60 and $160, respectively. MyEclipse Pro Secure edition is $99.99, while the MyEclipse Blue Secure Edition is $249.95. All editions come with a free 30-day trial.

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Originally published on eWeek.

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