Fujitsu Goes All Flashy With Eternus DX200F

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Flash performance at an affordable price? Yes according to Fujitsu with its new all-flash storage array

Businesses that require a storage system that delivers 100 percent uptime can now consider a new all flash storage array from Fujitsu.

The Japanese company has extended its Eternus DX200F system to include “superior flash performance” for mission-critical data that must be available around the clock.”

Flash Array

The company is of course aiming this extended Eternus system at businesses seeking a disaster-proof configuration. Think of companies operating online trading websites, transaction databases, and virtual machines etc, where any downtime can cause real headaches.

According to Fujitsu the new system is an addition to its existing Eternus DX business-centric storage family. It is designed to protect businesses from the high risks of data-loss due to disaster.

What makes the new Eternus DX200F system interesting is that it claims to offer market-leading flash performance at an affordable price, while “uniquely allowing transparent failover to automatically or manually keep businesses running in the event of planned or unplanned outages.”

The F in the Eternus DX200F system signifies that this is an all-flash array, which has traditionally being only available with upper midrange and enterprise systems. All flash systems often tend to be out of the price range of most businesses.

But with this system, customers will get an all-flash array that is a preconfigured system equipped with 5-24 solid-state disks (SSDs) delivering up to 38.4 TB of total capacity. No actual pricing details were revealed, as prices vary depending on configuration and region.

“The Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX200F is the right choice for performance hungry applications thus ensuring fastest application response times and satisfied users,” said Bernhard Brandwitte, VP Global Storage Business.

“Unlike very expensive all-flash array solutions based on proprietary system architectures with purpose built flash components, the Eternus DX200F leverages the high-performance architecture of the Eternus DX RAID storage series and the cost advantages of standard SSDs,” said Brandwitte.

Fujitsui LogoDisaster Resilience

Fujitsu says that the Eternus DX200F supports the synchronisation of data between two systems. It can deliver a transparent system failover. Indeed, according to the company, the failover to the surviving system or the secondary site takes place automatically during a disaster, with full transparency to the hosts and application, and without the need of intervention by system administrators.

And it says that all application access is maintained in real-time, while all systems in the high-availability environment can be run during normal standard operations. It also supports manual failover, for when a planned power shutdown, or disaster recovery test is being carried out.

Fujitsu continues to tweak its storage systems in light of the growing volumes of data that organisations have to contend with today.

Last October for example, Fujitsu introduced what it described as the world’s first storage system designed to grow as big and last as long as the online data it hosts.

The Fujitsu Storage Eternus CD10000 is geared to help organisations eliminate the major headaches associated with the exponential growth of data, as it is a storage eco-system with unlimited capacity that is technically capable of living forever.

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