CES 2014: FLIR ONE Case Turns iPhone Into Thermal Imaging Tool

FLIR promises to deliver affordable heat detection technology to consumers for the first time

iPhone users will be able to turn their smartphones into a Predator-esque heat-detecting tool thanks to a new accessory from Oregon-based FLIR, which claims to offer affordable thermal imaging technology to consumers for the first time.

Available for $350, which is apparently significantly cheaper than owning the standalone technology, the FLIR ONE uses technology originally developed for military night vision goggles to provide the camera on your iPhone 5 or 5S the capability to see heat signatures up to 100 meters away, even in complete darkness.

FLIRONE_ViewA heat imaging CES 2014

A whole new light

Displaying a live thermal image on a user’s phone’s screen, these signatures can be from either human or animal sources, offering obvious tracking abilities for those involved in various night-time wildlife activities, but the company also suggests the imaging can be used to view more practical information, such as detecting leaks, spotting malfunctioning heating ducts, or looking out for home intruders.

To support the last feature, the device also detects residual heat, such as that left by a foot on a carpet even after they have left the room.

The device fits onto the back of a phone much like a protective case, and also contains its own battery source, which can boost the battery life of the smartphone by up to 50 percent, or alternatively provide two hours of continuous solo use.

“For decades, we’ve seen the possibilities of thermal imaging redefine industries that require critical awareness and heightened perception,” said Andy Teich, president and CEO of FLIR. “With FLIR ONE, we’re excited to extend this technology to everyday users to help them with home improvement, wildlife observation, safety, security, and to discover new ways to use thermal imaging.

With a worldwide rollout planned for spring 2014, the FLIR ONE will be available in a variety of colours to co-ordinate to your hunting gear.

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