First Ever Intel Core i7 Laptop Launched


The Intel Core i7 processor will power a new laptop being offered by AVADirect. Expected benefits include triple-channel memory and DDR3 memory running up to 1333MHz.

AVADirect, a custom computer manufacturer, has begun offering the Clevo D900F, the first laptop with Intel’s Core i7 processor, intended for gaming machines and PC enthusiasts.

In a statement about the 17-inch gaming laptop, AVADirect explained that the D900F utilises “a desktop processor and desktop components,” and that while notebook hardware usually lags behind desktop hardware, AVADirect took it upon itself to move things along.

“By using a desktop Core i7 processor, the notebook is able to enjoy all the benefits that accompany this hardware platform. Some of the benefits include triple-channel memory, a first ever in a notebook design,” AVADirect said in the statement.

“Also, the memory in this notebook is high-speed DDR3 [double data rate 3] memory, running as high as 1333MHz, with 1600MHz on the horizon from several memory manufacturers. With an on-board memory controller found only in current Intel Core i7 processors, these notebooks will enjoy over four times the memory bandwidth of older notebook technology.”

Other benefits of the platform, according to AVADirect, will be the ability to hold three hard drives and the reintroduction of SMT, or Simultaneous Multithreading, which was first introduced on Intel’s Pentium 4 processors.

Customers will have a choice of Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, as well as a 17-inch LCD WSXGA (wide super-extended graphics array) screen with 1680 by 1050 pixels, or a WUXGA screen (wide ultra XGA ) with 1920 by 1200 pixels.

Included are Nvidia GTX 280M graphics, up to 12GB of DDR3 memory, an integrated 7-in-1 reader and support for 802.11n, 1G-bit LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.

“While Intel does not encourage manufacturers to use desktop processors for notebook designs, manufacturers are going to use our processor in many different and innovative ways,” commented an Intel spokesperson, adding that Intel Core 2 Duo processors are designed for thin and light notebooks.

She concluded, however, “It’s always interesting to see the cool things our customers come up with, taking advantage of the fastest processors Intel makes.”

AVADirect is taking preorders for the laptop on its Website and will begin shipping the first week of July. The starting price is in the US is $2,538.(£1,559)

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