First UK Data Science Summer School To Open In August

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The free five week course was developed by Pivigo Academy specifically for academics

The UK’s first ever data science summer school is set to open its doors in August, sponsored by professional services firm KPMG.

Organised by the London-based Pivigo Academy, the course hopes to attract around 100 bright PhD students and prepare them for work in the analytics industry, with demand for recruits likely to increase if predictions of rapid growth from $14.87 billion (£9.6b) in 2013 to $46 billion (£27.5b) in 2018, prove to be correct.

“Data science will change the way we live, work and interact with others. It presents a real opportunity for business to drive insight and value from the abundance of data being created in the digital world. We are only at the very beginning of this revolution and KPMG wants to be at the forefront of it,” commented Alwin Magimay, head of Data and Analytics at KPMG.

“I am really passionate about this new partnership which will help to create a much needed data and analytics pool in the UK, and will be inviting clients to participate in this innovative programme.”

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Data science is oten misunderstood. The problem starts with a lack of common definition and standardised programmes of study, and is not helped by the industry’s secretive nature.

Ljupco SmokovskiIn an interview with TechWeekEurope, co-founder of the Open Data Institute Sir Nigel Shadbolt previously described the essence of a data scientist as “a mix of mathematicians and statisticians and computer scientists, with really relevant insights from social and behavioural science.”

The free five-week course developed by Swedish astrophysicist Kim Nilsson, founder and head of Pivigo Academy, relies on a programme called S2DS (Science to Data Science) and aims to prepare postgraduates for work in the financial services, retail, media and technology sectors.

Nilsson first thought about the need for such a course after struggling to find work in the commercial sector, despite having several high-profile academic qualifications.

“We are very excited about the changes and advantages that data science will bring to society, and passionate about supporting the efforts of UK companies exploring data business cases,“ said Nilsson.

“We are also huge fans of the sort of skills that PhDs bring to jobs in industry, and S2DS is our answer to the needs of both of these groups. It is a win-win situation where companies have a chance to interact with the brightest minds in Europe, and PhDs get commercial experience.”

KPMG is not new to these types of projects. Last year, the firm set up KPMG Capital, a global investment fund that will invest primarily in Data and Analytics businesses.

Candidates with a proven background in data analysis and statistics can apply for placement in a S2DS programme here. Successful applicants will be eligible for free single room ensuite student accommodation.

NOTE: Pivigo Academy has informed TechWeek that due to a webcluster problem, the website was temporarily inaccessible on Monday.

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