‘Most Customisable Ever’ Mozilla Firefox 29 Boasts Brand New Interface

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Firefox 29 offers new tabs, bookmarks and sync options, while developers get new tools to play with

Mozilla claims the latest version of its Firefox web browser is “the most customisable Firefox ever” thanks to its new design, menu options and developer tools.

The new Auralis interface was introduced in a beta version of Firefox 29 released in March and is described as the most significant Firefox user interface change since Firefox 4 was launched in March 2011.

It is hoped that the new interface will provide a more fluid look and feel, with tabs that promise to make it easier to identify which web page they are viewing by fading unused tabs into the background.

Mozilla Firefox 29

Firefox-Menu-Closeup-en-USThe Firefox menu has moved to the top right of the toolbar and brings all browser controls into one place and includes a ‘customise’ tool that lets you add or move any feature, service or add on.

Greater synchronisation options are afforded by the new Firefox Sync feature. Powered by Firefox Accounts, the new service makes it easier to share browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data safely and securely across multiple PCs and Android devices, while bookmarks themselves can be added with a single click.

“This level of Firefox customisation puts you in control of your Web experience and is unmatched by any other browser,” boasts Mozilla.

Behind the scenes, a host of new developer tools and features have been added, including support for WebRTS, which enables video calls and file sharing between browsers, and more than 30 Mozilla-pioneered WebAPIs.

Game developers will benefit from support for ajm.js, a subset of Javascript which when combined with Emscripten, allows software to run without the need for plug-ins, and a new Web Audio API that allows for more immersive sound.

Behind the scenes

It’s also now easier to create designs that adapt to different window, screen and font sizes with CSS Flexbox support, while app manager lets Firefox OS developers prototype and debug their mobile applications.

The new version should be a welcome boost for Mozilla, which will be keen to ensure that its products, rather than its executive team, make the news.

Brendan Eich was forced to step down as CEO last month after it emerged he contributed $1,000 to a campaign against gay marriage in California in 2008. He has since been replaced by Chris Beard, who is interim CEO, while Andreas Gal has been named CTO of the non-profit organisation.

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