‘Extreme’ Case Of iPad And Notebook Protection


G-Form’s resilient Extreme Sleeves offer iPad screens and laptops protection from falling bowling balls

Soft and floppy, extreme protection is the promise from G-Form for its iPad and laptop Extreme Sleeve protective covers. The cases use a material called Poron XRD, developed by Rogers Corporation, which has amazing properties.

You know how it is, you’re taking a meal break from a hard day’s browsing on your iPad and your much-neglected partner accidentally drops a 12 pound (5.4kg) tenpin bowling ball and smashes the tablet screen. G-Form claims that its iPad Extreme Sleeve will take the strain and protect the screen. More than this, there is a video to prove it (see below).

Extreme-Case Protection

G-Form also produces sports protection pads using the same material, which it calls RPT-Reactive Protection Technology, a combination of the Poron material and G-Form’s proprietary design and manufacturing technique.

Poron XRD contains urethane molecules which give the sleeve a flexible, cushioned feel in normal use. When the material receives a sudden blow, the molecular bonds instantly lock up and the sleeve temporarily becomes a rigid, protective casing.

In another video, the G-Form team drop an iPad from a microlight flying at 500 feet (152 metres). On hitting the ground, the sleeve absorbs around 90 percent of the impact energy, the company claims, and protects the iPad from damage.

There are two designs available in either black or yellow: one is a slip-on case for the iPad and the other is a slightly larger version, iPad Extreme Sleeve 2, with a zip fastener that can take an iPad 2 with the standard Apple cover.

The company is also developing a range of notebook sleeves in the same colour range. Already available in 11-,13- and 15-inch versions, G-Form says it has a 17-inch case in the works for release next month.

A UK distributor has not been appointed yet but the Extreme Sleeves are available direct for $59.95 (£37.35) for the iPad, $69.95 (£43.57) for the Extreme Sleeve 2 and $79.95 (£49.80) for the laptop versions.

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