Evernote Jumps Up To Business Class With Beefed Up Cloud Offering


Evernote looks to take on Google, Microsoft et al in cloud productivity

Young cloud productivity provider Evernote has launched a business-level offering, as it looks to take on the bigger boys in the market like Google and Microsoft.

Evernote has been hugely popular since it launched as a web service in 2008, gaining millions of users. It has continued to attract customers for both its free and premium versions, covering numerous platforms including iOS and Android. All of it is tied together over the Evernote cloud, letting users access content wherever they go.

Evernote goes business

Cloud © geometrix Shutterstock 2012But Evernote wants to tap the business market, most likely because that is where the big bucks are in collaboration and cloud storage. “Two-thirds of our users already rely on Evernote to be more productive at the office, but up to now Evernote has been a mostly solitary affair,” the company said in a blog post. “Today, we’re excited to announce that using Evernote at work will help build the knowledge of your entire organization.”

The company said it wanted to target small and medium-sized companies and small teams within larger organisations with Evernote Business. The package gives businesses 2GB per user to share in Evernote Business Notebooks – four times more than with the Premium version of the service.

Business Notebooks are areas in the Evernote cloud that can be shared amongst users, while Personal Notebooks are kept private. “It’s important to note that while administrators gain rights to Business Notebooks in a user’s account, they have no visibility or access into Personal Notebooks,” Evernote said.

The new offering also includes a Business Library – a place where users can upload content and IT teams can manage collections of Notebooks.

Evernote is particularly pleased with its search function, which brings up related notes as soon as the user starts typing. It’s akin to the way Google does its search, with the instant suggestions as one types. Web searches within Evernote will also now bring up Evernote content alongside Google, Bing or Yahoo searches.

Evernote Business, which also comes with support and a bespoke admin panel, has launched in the UK and other areas today, including the US, France and Germany. It costs £8 per user, per month.

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