EnterpriseDB Offers Up Postgres Plus Cloud Database


EnterpriseDB has launched Postgres Plus Cloud Database, its enterprise-class database as a service

Database specialist EnterpriseDB has made available its Postgres Plus Cloud Database on Amazon Web Services.

Postgres Plus Cloud Database is an enterprise-class PostgreSQL database as a service (DBaaS). EnterpriseDB also announced that CloudBees and Engine Yard have selected Postgres Plus Cloud Database as one of their primary database solutions.

Cloudy Database

EnterpriseDB officials said Postgres Plus Cloud Database simplifies the setup and configuration of PostgreSQL in the cloud. In addition to support for Amazon EC2, EnterpriseDB has worked with Hewlett-Packard to ensure Postgres Plus Cloud Database will run well with HP Cloud Compute. HP Cloud Compute currently uses the OpenStack Nova compute platform and API.

“Postgres Plus Cloud Database is the only solution on the market today that makes deploying new instances of PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server easy in any environment,” said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB, in a statement. “And, through our partnerships with industry leaders CloudBees, Engine Yard, HP and OpenStack, customers will have numerous ways to take advantage of PostgreSQL ‘elastically’ on multiple cloud platforms.”

“With Postgres Plus Cloud Database on the CloudBees Java Platform, our developers can easily build applications that invoke a truly elastic database knowing that Postgres is always backed up and available, but without the hassles of database administration,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees, in a statement. “Plus, EnterpriseDB and CloudBees both provide innovative, cloud-based scale-out architectures, which are expected in premier database and application platforms.”

Added Mike Piech, vice president of product management and marketing at Engine Yard: “We’re very pleased to have EnterpriseDB offer Postgres Plus Cloud Database to developers running apps on Engine Yard Cloud. Postgres Plus Cloud Database will enable our mutual customers to provision both multi-host PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server clusters easily and efficiently.”

Postgres Plus Cloud Database, according to EnterpriseDB officials, combines the advantages of cloud computing with the features expected in an enterprise-class database, including an ACID-compliant relational database service; point-and-click simple setup and management with Web-based interface; automatic scaling, load balancing and failover; automated online backup and point-in-time recovery; database cloning; and Oracle database compatibility.

Data Cloud

Postgres Plus Cloud Database is available in two versions: PostgreSQL 9.1 and Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0. Pricing for Postgres Plus Cloud Database on Amazon Web Services is the same as Amazon RDS (MySQL), whether the buyer chooses the PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server database engine.

“We have recently seen a surge of interest in PostgreSQL driven by its potential for deployment in the cloud,” said Matt Aslett, research manager for data management and analytics at 451 Research, in a statement.

“With the addition of auto-data size elasticity and horizontal scaling in Postgres Plus Cloud Database, EnterpriseDB has reintroduced PostgreSQL as a database platform for the creation and delivery of private, public and hybrid cloud services, as opposed to simply a database running in the cloud,” Aslett added.

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